Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Thrift Week 2012: Silky Shirt Edition

Continuing with Thrift Week 2012: November Edition: 50% Off Sale Edition, I bring you the poly-silk shirt findings I've made recently. First is a button-up polyester beauty: vintage, pink, scalloped collar, bow. Oh, yes.

 Next up: thrifted silk Chico's (lol) top. Pure silk front, cotton back, studded shoulders. Much cooler than what I expect from Chico's, for sure - might be good tucked into some high-waisted pants for professional-ish situations, too.

Loving this 30+ year old music console we inherited from my parents - record player, radio, 8-track, tape player... Rad.

Thanks to Peter for the pictures! Oh, enlisting the boyfriend for an outfit shoot, I guess I really am blogging seriously now...

Tomorrow, a hint: an awesome big-name designer find, and a local heritage brand! 

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