Sunday, 31 March 2013


Just thinking about homes right now. A handful of faves from Pinterest - follow me!

Easter brunch

Easter dress!
Vintage handmade, thrifted at a Salvation Army on Queen St W in Toronto last October.
Thrifted d'Orsay kitten heels and coral belt
Self-made earrings :)

As if!

This past week Peter and I went to a Beverly Hills 90210-themed surprise party - here's my get-up:

Vintage Florida crop-top, tucked into
Vintage high-waisted Levi's
90's pastel earrings

Monday, 25 March 2013

Socks No More

Spring is here, goddamnit, whether there are snow banks outside or not!
So I bid adieu to socks and defiantly wear flats.
For that matter, I'll be doing without a coat, too, thank you.
If the crocuses can do it, so can I!

Thrifted grey sweatshirt
Black Rockstar jeans
Grey almond-toe flats
Vintage sunglasses
Vintage printed Indian pashmina

Old Photos: Kids

Mom & her siblings, eastern Queens county / west Kings county, 1950s

Upcycled m&a earrings on Etsy!

Added four new items to Etsy today: my handmade upcycled vintage earrings. Check 'em out!

I can always make different permutations of what you see here too, as long as the bits and pieces are around! Get in touch if you're interested in any of them, or something similar!

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Etsy Shop You Need to See: The Sparkling Sparrow

Oh man, guys. I know as much as anybody that there is a lot of awesome stuff for sale on Etsy, but sometimes I get pretty excited about it. This is one of those times. The Sparkling Sparrow, in Appleton, Wisconsin, offers these amazing hair clips, hair combs, and more fashioned out of vintage and reclaimed jewellery. I feel like I stumbled into a diamond mine.

I always pictured I would have a hairpiece like this for my eventual wedding, made out of all the sentimental (but maybe broken or mismatched) jewellery I've been saving. Looking at these lets me know that it is very much possible, and will look stunning. Yay!

Here are some favourites, but check out the shop yourself - I'm drawn to a particular look but there are more varied, interesting pieces too.

The first one I found - stunning!

Pale blues and gold, fave combo

White & gold botanical, beautiful

A little bit mid-century, a little bit Grecian, a little Edwardian. Love it!

White, ivory, cream, blush, rose, gold. So pretty and feminine.

Something blue :)

I might just need to stop drooling and buy one of these!

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

I made some earrings 2: The Reckoning

Here's a bunch of earrings I made. Some were posted last time, some are new. Thinkin' real hard about putting a few of these suckers on Etsy (the nice ones, naturally).

The three pairs at the top are using recycled vintage silk, pearls from a damaged tank top bound for the garbage at work, and pink plastic beads from a thrifted vintage necklace.

Lots of broken and antique things here... and leather! Lots of leather.

Lots of vintage leather and suede up in here, drawn on with gold and copper Sharpies. The dangly gold pair have antique gold-plated bracelet links and chains from a broken vintage necklace.

(Pictured throughout, a thrifted embroidery circle with vintage bed sheet fabric.)

The mess!

Monday, 11 March 2013

I made some earrings

For my birthday, my mom got me a bunch of jewellery-making supplies and I have been going at it for a few days - things are pretty simple so far but it's been great to put some of my salvaged broken and mismatched jewellery to good use. I've fixed a bunch of pairs of earrings, but here's some of the new pieces I made:

Broken brooch pieces made into stud earrings
Blue glass cabochon clip-ons with salvaged light green beads 
My favourite vintage daisy earrings were totally wrecked (they were super fragile) - so I took bits and pieces and made them into small stud earrings.
Brooch made into stud earrings
Broken-off pieces of vintage clip-ons to stud earrings
Sea glass pieces into stud earrings
Remixed coral cabochons
Broken vintage necklace into stud earrings
Broken bracelet pieces, vintage leather scraps & gold Sharpie stud earrings
Bracelet pieces into drop earrings
Broken vintage gold bracelet pieces, antique pearls, and salvaged turquoise
Antique beads into earrings, on gold wire
Vintage teardrop pearls, remixed
Salvaged turquoise and vintage & antique gold-plated beads
Vintage navy and gold beads from a broken necklace
Vintage necklace and bracelet beads, pieces of vintage leather
Vintage leather scraps and salvaged bracelet beads
More vintage leather scraps and salvaged bracelet beads
Vintage leather scraps, cut into fringe, with black & silver Sharpie
Vintage broken bracelet pieces and beads
Antique plastic beads and pearls
 Looking forward to attempting more difficult and complex earrings! Stay tuned!
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