Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Find: 450ml CIL Premium Paint


I have been searching for a cute lamp for my room for a long time, and in the meantime, I've had a lamp more or less like this one to make do with. Then, one day, it struck me: why not just make that lamp better? At Canadian Tire, you can buy 450ml of CIL Premium paint for only 5.99 to test it out - I bought mine in Ocean Spray.
It still needs another coat, but I'm loving the results.

The colour is warm and light - it's my perfect Robin's Egg/Tiffany/Aqua blue. I stuck some dollar store decals on the lamp some years ago, and just painted over them to add some texture.

Also bought the Navajo-print place mats that day (99cents for 2 at Value Village) and layered them over my antique wooden nightstand (the top of the table is partially sanded off).

It's not perfect yet - another coat is definitely needed - but it's certainly diminished my need for a potentially expensive new lamp!

Finds: Thrifted pattern belts

Nothing like some funky graphic, colourful belts to spice up any outfit - or to make 'em more casual.

From left:
Teal, coral, orange and royal blue aztec belt with ornate silver buckle, 2.99, Value Village
Vintage pinks-and-blues navajo print belt with silver buckle, 3.99, Value Village
Vintage red, green and white beaded belt with bronze clasp, 2.99, Value Village
Multi-colour beaded leather belt attachment, 50cents at a flea market, on a vintage skinny tan Ralph Lauren belt, also Value Village

Friday, 22 July 2011

Find: Catherine Malandrino's Min Gown

Love the lavender on Emma Roberts, and love this teal too! Ms. Malandrino sure knows her draping. Swoon!

Finds: Navajo & Ethnic Prints Online

As an anthropology major, I always try to be mindful of collectivizing or amalgamating groups that have distinct cultures. "Ethnic," "tribal," and so on are not terms I am usually comfortable using to describe basically non-industrialized-Western culture. Um, except with clothing, for the most part. It is difficult, at least in PEI, to find cool ikat, Navajo, Aztec, or other ethnic or tribal-esque prints - most finds are relegated to thrift stores, and that is all based on luck and digging. However, my family just returned from a trip to Boston, where my sisters perused Forever 21 countless times (and brought me back some sweet finds! Thanks guys!)
Checking out Forever 21's website is dangerous:  free shipping on orders over 60$, and tons to choose from. Oh dear.
Here are some of my finds:
All these tops range from about 16 to 22 dollars. Not bad!

I am equally impressed with Urban Outfitters. Check out some of these:

Come on, pay day! Time to get back online and into some fun new pieces :)

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