Friday, 30 November 2012

Christmas List

Here you go, Mom, siblings, other friends and family - as comprehensive a list as I can muster on a  Friday after a long week!

- Frame for my degree
- Frame for our Toronto neighbourhoods poster
- Sewing machine
- Liquor / wine
- Shoe rack
- Garbage can
- Diorshow Mascara (black)
- Aveda pressed mineral powder (Aster)
- Locally made soap (Moonsnail or The Soap Drawer at Emmett & Ellie's)
- Reasonable quality camera
- Domestic stuff (spices, EV olive oils [like from Liquid Gold downtown], nice tea, fancy sugar, Epsom salts, etc.)
- "Coupons" for borrowing the car *wink*
- Shearling mittens (maybe from Northern Watters if they have 'em)
- Stanley Pottery tree mugs

Kitchen stuff

- Cast iron pan
- Wok
- Slowcooker
- Wine glasses
- Garlic press
- Bread boards
- Other utensils I wouldn't think to buy myself

For my Etsy shop

- Padded envelopes
- Ribbon
- Bubble wrap
- Stamps

Gift Cards

- Superstore
- Value Village
- The Body Shop
- Drink places (Starbucks, Timothy's, David's Tea)
- Shoppers Drug Mart
- Nakai

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Old Photos of the Week: Family

More fun old pictures. Nanni, Papa, my mom & her sibs.

Just listed! Mid-century modern candlestick holders

Have you visited my Etsy Shop - also named Milk & Amber - lately? I just put these neat teak 50's candle holders up, can't wait to put a few more items on tomorrow too! I have had some great luck with sales over the weekend, the store itself is the gift that keeps on giving.

Monday, 26 November 2012


Peter and I were hoping to host some visitors over the weekend, so the apartment is still unnaturally neat and tidy right now. So here are some pictures.

The living room (with my family's dog, Mia, for the afternoon)

Sniffing around. Conclusion: yes, I do in fact live here.

And the sun room (or, the laundry room, I guess) - the best hangout spot in the apartment.

Orange! The table was repainted orange; thrifted Navajo-patterned rug, pillow cases, Hudson Bay throw.

You need a wool blanket if you hang out in there!
The JR's sign - an old bar in Charlottetown until the 90's, I think - we found at the flea market. 

Moody Blues

Moody Blues

Sleeveless dress
$88 -

Box clutch

Ippolita aqua ring

River Island white pearl earrings
$3.19 -

Peaches & Wine

Peaches & Wine

Miss Selfridge peach top

Wallis double breasted coat

Phase Eight skinny fit jeans
$94 -

Fossil handbag

Stud earrings
$40 -

Wool hat

Robin's Egg

Robin's Egg

Oasis embellished top
$48 -

J Crew long skirt

Yellow wallet

Turquoise earrings

Forever New enamel bracelet
$10 -

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Thrift Week 2012: Mid-Century Modern Edition

This week's haul has been mostly about fashion, but there were some neat finds for the home, too. Take this mid-century modern-style vase I found at Value Village for $2.99. I've been seeing this shape everywhere, in design magazines, on Etsy, blogs, you name it. But it's not like I can just go shopping at Hollace Cluny and buy some designer ceramic vases that cost as much as rent, so you can imagine my delight at finding a knock-off here in PEI for so little! Good things come to those who thrift.

Cheers! Happy hunting!

Thrift Week 2012: Important Brands Edition

Moving along, Thrift Week 2012's third post brings us some pretty fabulous brand-name finds. My two favourite types of brands: high-end designer, and heritage (local, at that). First up, a Great Northern Knitters sweater, possibly vintage but likely not - it's in excellent shape so I'd be surprised. People do take good care of their GNK sweaters, though, so who knows! Either way, they used to run about $140, I bought this one for just under $5. Huzzah!

(For anyone not familiar with Great Northern Knitters, it was a wool products company based in Charlottetown that was famous for its ridiculously thick, cozy Island wool sweaters, mittens, worksock-patterned garments, and more, all made on the Island. It closed a number of years back and has more or less been replaced by Northern Watters Knitwear.)

Next up: Oh, just a vintage Christian Dior Monsieur t-shirt, monogrammed all-over, for, oh, $2.95. Yeah. And it's not the first Dior I found this week, if you can believe it! 

Dig and ye shall find. Happy hunting!

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Thrift Week 2012: Silky Shirt Edition

Continuing with Thrift Week 2012: November Edition: 50% Off Sale Edition, I bring you the poly-silk shirt findings I've made recently. First is a button-up polyester beauty: vintage, pink, scalloped collar, bow. Oh, yes.

 Next up: thrifted silk Chico's (lol) top. Pure silk front, cotton back, studded shoulders. Much cooler than what I expect from Chico's, for sure - might be good tucked into some high-waisted pants for professional-ish situations, too.

Loving this 30+ year old music console we inherited from my parents - record player, radio, 8-track, tape player... Rad.

Thanks to Peter for the pictures! Oh, enlisting the boyfriend for an outfit shoot, I guess I really am blogging seriously now...

Tomorrow, a hint: an awesome big-name designer find, and a local heritage brand! 
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