Thursday, 8 November 2012


Outfits can take tinkering (or bricolage, merci Jacques Derrida) to get right. I was going to wear this yesterday, but I just couldn't seem to get the whole look to come together. Taking pictures helped me decide against the jeans, and - sigh - the beret.  In the end, I threw on my dark indigo Rockstar jeans, as I often do, and went out the door. Those vintage Levi's and beret will have their day, they just need to wait for the right moment of bricolage to work them in.

+Thrifted vintage evergreen wool beret
+Thrifted vintage turquoise earrings
+ Mom's vintage brown scarf
+ Old Navy army jacket
+ Thrifted vintage waffle-knit thermal, made in Canada
+ Thrifted vintage men's Levi's
+ Payless grey almond-toe flats

Design-wise, you're also seeing
+ Huge gold sunburst mirror from How Bazaar
(one of a kind, I think, but they have lots of similar ones)
+My grandparents' vintage mid-century modern tweed couch
+Wicker Emporium orange throw pillow
+ Thrifted wicker "circle" table
+ Vintage pink & mint Hudson Bay Company mohair throw
(in the basket under the wicker table)
+ Upcycled wooden table, repainted in bright retro orange.


1 comment:

  1. Firstly - I always love a fall look that includes a beret!
    Secondly - that sunburst mirror is beautiful! How Bazaar always has the best stuff!


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