Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Thrift Week 2012: Half Off Sales! (Also it was pay day.)

First post of Thrift Week 2012: November Edition: 50% Off Sale Edition: Ridiculously Fantastic Boot Edition.

These boots are what heaven looks like, if heaven were real and maybe a half-size too small. I have been desperately wanting a pair of flat brown leather ankle boots, preferably not a hundred dollars, preferably not too shiny and fancy, preferably vintage, preferably pointy. What a dream come true!  And, half off their 19.99 original price to boot! (huh huh) 

+ Thrifted men's leather ankle boots
+ Old Navy Rockstar Jeans in Ruby
+ Thrifted Alternative Apparel men's waffle-knit long-sleeve tee
+ Thrifted vintage London Fog Aztec-print wool coat

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