Monday, 26 November 2012


Peter and I were hoping to host some visitors over the weekend, so the apartment is still unnaturally neat and tidy right now. So here are some pictures.

The living room (with my family's dog, Mia, for the afternoon)

Sniffing around. Conclusion: yes, I do in fact live here.

And the sun room (or, the laundry room, I guess) - the best hangout spot in the apartment.

Orange! The table was repainted orange; thrifted Navajo-patterned rug, pillow cases, Hudson Bay throw.

You need a wool blanket if you hang out in there!
The JR's sign - an old bar in Charlottetown until the 90's, I think - we found at the flea market. 


  1. You guys have such a lovely home! And I agree with kristin - the sunroom is wonderful.


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