Friday, 30 November 2012

Christmas List

Here you go, Mom, siblings, other friends and family - as comprehensive a list as I can muster on a  Friday after a long week!

- Frame for my degree
- Frame for our Toronto neighbourhoods poster
- Sewing machine
- Liquor / wine
- Shoe rack
- Garbage can
- Diorshow Mascara (black)
- Aveda pressed mineral powder (Aster)
- Locally made soap (Moonsnail or The Soap Drawer at Emmett & Ellie's)
- Reasonable quality camera
- Domestic stuff (spices, EV olive oils [like from Liquid Gold downtown], nice tea, fancy sugar, Epsom salts, etc.)
- "Coupons" for borrowing the car *wink*
- Shearling mittens (maybe from Northern Watters if they have 'em)
- Stanley Pottery tree mugs

Kitchen stuff

- Cast iron pan
- Wok
- Slowcooker
- Wine glasses
- Garlic press
- Bread boards
- Other utensils I wouldn't think to buy myself

For my Etsy shop

- Padded envelopes
- Ribbon
- Bubble wrap
- Stamps

Gift Cards

- Superstore
- Value Village
- The Body Shop
- Drink places (Starbucks, Timothy's, David's Tea)
- Shoppers Drug Mart
- Nakai

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