Thursday, 15 November 2012

DIY slouchy vintage sweater

Usually when I DIY, and even worse, when I try to DIY something with my own idea, it is really not something I ought to do myself. I burn my DIY home scents on the stove, my DIY earrings fall apart, and let's not talk about cooking and baking.

HOWEVER, I must say, this particular DIY was not as doomed as its predecessors. All I want these days, thanks to Pinterest, is a perfect slouchy sweater. But a vintage/men's/oversize sweater does not necessarily a perfect slouchy sweater make. No, there must be something of an art to it. It needs to be cut a certain way, to hang a certain way, to be too big in just the right way. Furthermore, the less slender you are, the more the sweater can just look ...baggy. Or dumpy. Or some other word that no 'curvy' girl needs to describe her apparel with.

My efforts to find said slouchy sweater have brought me many-a vintage men's sweater, so, feeling bold, I decided to get choppy with the neckline (one of the big obstacles in achieving that perfect sexy-slouchy look, a too-high crew neck) of this thrifted vintage men's Aztec/Navajo-patterned knit sweater. And, who'da thought it, it worked! No disastrous DIY here! WOOOO.

Here are a few After pics. (I didn't bother with Befores because of my aforementioned history of DIY fails). 

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