Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Day-Off Thrift Adventure

Today is just great. It's mid-November, sunny, with a high of - wait for it - SEVENTEEN degrees. You better believe I went out and enjoyed it!

I found these Vera Wang Lavender Label jeans at work the other day. I'm not used to wide legs anymore, but after about eight people told me how much they "slimmed me down" (as if you can tell in this hasty photo), I decided to give them a chance. (I guess those Rockstars aren't exactly made for my shape, but whatever.) They have a nice mid/high waist which gives them little bit of a retro feel, which works with my tastes better than a plain old trouser jean.

On to Value Village. Found lots of neat stuff, including this sweater, which I eventually passed on. Might have to go back for it, it is awesome. Peach, mint, cable-knit, vintage, made in Bermuda. Yep, that ticks off a lot of good boxes for me. But it was $9.99, which for PEI thrifting is blasphemous. We'll see!

Now for the goodies I did buy!

Woven Indonesian fruit basket ($1.99), teak Indonesian incense holder ($0.99), handmade wooden Prince Edward Island spoon-holder ($1.99). Wood!

And then we have this awesome vintage milk glass canister, complete with retro flowers and a sunburst lid. Delightful! And only $1.99!

Also picked up these great thick woven Navajo-inspired patterned cushion covers, for $1.49.

 Lastly, these vintage gold sunburst/floral clip-ons with Aurora Borealis rhinestones for $3.99 - just lovely!

Hope this inspires some thrifting adventures of your own - happy hunting!

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