Thursday, 8 November 2012

Morning Free

I'm not sure which I like better: working an early shift and having the evening free, or working a late shift and having the morning free. Honestly, the mornings are hard to beat, even if they do feel too short. This is pretty much my mornings on late-shift-days: sitting in bed under the duvet, wearing something ultra-comfy (like this recently thrifted Alternative Apparel waffle-knit shirt I found in the men's section), having a cup of coffee/tea/water/grapefruit juice (one  of those, not a combo, haha), with laptop in hand.

Oh look, I figured out I have a webcam on this thing. Cue the unnatural photos!

+ Thrifted Alternative Apparel shirt (!), made in USA
+ Thrifted vintage psychedelic floral mug, made in Japan
+ Thrifted vintage bright orange corduroy pillowcase

1 comment:

  1. Random fact: We so had those same mugs at the camp I worked at (camp keir in Canoe Cove) as a teen. I loved the seventies colour scheme then as much as I do now!


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