Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Spoiler Alert! Gossip Girl Finale Screen Caps

Six long years of Gossip Girl, all wrapped up... Well, I guess at least I can say I loved Blair's wedding look. Just stunning!

Chuck also looked particularly dapper. Love the lapels!

Another dress close-up, love the little oyster/rosettes. I am sharing Blair's expression right now, though... There's always 90210. Sigh.


Sunday, 16 December 2012

Twenty-Something Days of Xmas: Happy to be home

Well, it's been a long, busy week, including a whirlwind weekend trip out of province. Long, busy, but great! But now here I am, home in Charlottetown, in sweats, on the computer. No shopping, the parties are done for the night. In honour of being home, how about some house and home gift recommendations, then, shall we? Six days' worth!

This recommendation is less for a gift than it is a store. Cottage Industry is a cool modern home decor shop downtown, on Grafton near the CIBC, that carries hip Canadian furniture lines and funky odds and ends. I'd love to outfit my space in modern stuff like this Gus sectional. (Someday!)

Moving Designz, also on Grafton, is another spot to check for neat household items and furniture. They've got lots of smaller items, like coral, vases, and toiletries if you're looking for cheap but stylish home buys. Their esthetic is more fresh, cheery and feminine than Cottage Industry, which leans more to the modern-rustic-industrial.

I am also a big fan of Cattails Woodwork by Brenda Watts, out of Hermitage, PEI, where you can get a badass Burled Maple Charcuterie Board, above, famous flamed French rolling pins, and cute wooden acorn-adorned things. Brenda also has an Etsy store that you can check out if you can't pick up her wares in person!

For your nerd friends who have homes, and empty walls measuring fifteen feet or more, you can get them this Entire First Level of the original Mario Bros poster from Packmania. 

My mom got a sheepskin for me as a baby, and I still have and use it. You should do the same for a baby you might have (or someone else's, that also works). Springwater Farm has great sheepskin products of all sizes, available at the Charlottetown Farmers Market on Saturdays.

And, for the last of the six days, MacAusland's classic, famous wool blankets. People debate whether or not you can be an Islander if you weren't born here; maybe you should only earn your status as a true Islander once you own one of these beauties from Bloomfield.

Whew, six more days along in the Twenty-something Days of Xmas. Stay tuned, especially if you procrastinate and still don't know what to get!

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

O Xmas Tree

My / our first tree! I am officially going to spend all of my time in here.

(Yes, it's real - balsam fir!)

Peter putting up our awesome tree topper - an exact replica of the topper I grew up with that my dad massacred accidentally smashed one year. It's even made in Poland! Last one at Winners. Success story of the season.

Most of the ornaments are antique mercury glass balls, some inherited and some lucky thrifted finds from work. Some are embroidered and beaded silk ornaments, made in India, bought at How Bazaar over the course of a few years. There are some pretty neat ones...

...like this turquoise-and-gold one...

...and this sort of ironic Islamic crescent-moon-and-star...

,..and, possibly my favourite, this red bird (reminds me of another ornament I grew up with).

We have two-tone lights, which we might rectify... or we might just keep the wonky mix. Hard to say.

I'm just happy the tree is here. The presents will follow soon behind it!
Happy holidays! The Twenty-something Days of Xmas will return shortly!

Winter loves

Just a big ol' vintage ballet-pink chunky knit sweater. Thrifted at work. Comfort!

(Please don't pay attention to that, um, collection of recyclable cardboard...)

Monday, 10 December 2012

Twenty-something Days Of Xmas: So Fresh and So Clean

Ah, soap. A classic Christmas gift in the MacDonald household to our poor mother, who is up to her ears in all things lavender and triple-milled. And yet we keep giving soap, and she keeps putting it in her clothing drawers. On the bright side, those dressers are going to smell awesome for the next hundred years... but if we have to give soap, I say we start buying nicer, local stuff. Sorry, Yardley's! Meet your replacements.

From Moonsnail Soapworks, located on Water Street in Charlottetown, some Exotic Swirl Natural Soap. Listen to this doozy: "A touch of the Orient! A warm and romantic bar scented with a blissful blend of patchouli, sweet orange and ylang ylang pure essential oils. Each bar has unique swirls of spice for a fun funky effect." Yeow. All Moonsnail's soaps are made in PEI, delicious smelling and evocative. I also love Spearmint Swirl, Dad's Licorice, Chai Tea, and everything else, but this one just hits all the right notes.

Similarly, the Soap Drawer has small-batch, made-in-PEI soaps with scents that I can only describe as scrumptious. I love their spicier scents, with orange, clove, and cinnamon, but their soothing scents - oatmeal, goat's milk, et al - are equally lovely. Their wares can be purchased in Charlottetown at Emmett & Ellie's on University Avenue.

Here's some PEI soap I haven't tried, but would love to, hint hint! The Great Canadian Soap Co. is based in Brackley Beach, PEI, and its soaps look like delicious cupcakes/fudge/squares. I mean, they actually have a Cocoa & Oatmeal hand-milled soap - I would love to wash my hands with a spider cookie! Yum!

So go out and buy your moms, and other loved ones with personal hygiene, some soap - even if it does just scent their socks and t-shirts. At least they'll carry the sweet smell of Island businesses flourishing!

Thursday, 6 December 2012


Yay! Pantone actually picked a perfect 2013 Colour of the Year: Emerald! (I might have gone with mint or peach, but I guess that's sooo 2012). But this is pretty much my favourite colour, so I'm good.

Twenty-something Days of Xmas: Overman

Day Four of Twenty-something Days of Xmas brings us some of the coolest local jewellery you can buy: Overman earrings. I own a few pieces of Overman jewellery - including a fabulous pair of custom Darwin & Finch earrings - and love them all. I would love if these were my next pair! They are made with tiny bulbs and filled with miscellaneous watch parts. Get 'em for the brightest bulb in your life!

Online or at the Overman shop on Water St., Charlottetown

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Twenty-something Days Of Xmas: Foodie Gifts

I was so tired yesterday that I forgot I was just starting a gift guide countdown, which I guess I said  I would do every day. Obviously that's a lot to ask. Every few days... but an item for each day! Yes, that's what will happen.

Two more gifts for two more days! Just like finding fashionable gifts (see my first post), it is super easy to find Island gifts for your foodie friends. You can pretty much throw a red sandstone rock and hit someone carrying a bag of organic spicy alfalfa sprouts, drinking a local craft beer, or talking about one of PEI's gazillion food-related events like PEI Burger Love or the International Shellfish Festival. (Honestly, what event ISN'T food-related on PEI, really?)

So if you want to get making some awesome Island food, here's some things you'll want to try! First up, a Paderno Cast Iron Deep Fry Pan with beautiful sunny yellow enamel. It's made on PEI, has a 25-year warranty, and is likely perfect for grilled cheese.


Next up, J.J. Stewart Chocolate Sauce with Ginger. The sauce is made with 'darkened chocolate' in small batches, each jar 'hand-poured, hand-labelled, and hand-polished.' The food and drink company - they also make kick-ass small-batch root beer -  is based in Little Sands, PEI, and their products are available at the PEI Co. Store, Terre Rouge, and hopefully at some more craft fairs before the season is over!

Under $10

Check back next time, whenever that is, for more PEI gift ideas! And be sure to check out Lot 65, which inspired my list, for even more fun Island gifts. Cheers!

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