Monday, 10 December 2012

Twenty-something Days Of Xmas: So Fresh and So Clean

Ah, soap. A classic Christmas gift in the MacDonald household to our poor mother, who is up to her ears in all things lavender and triple-milled. And yet we keep giving soap, and she keeps putting it in her clothing drawers. On the bright side, those dressers are going to smell awesome for the next hundred years... but if we have to give soap, I say we start buying nicer, local stuff. Sorry, Yardley's! Meet your replacements.

From Moonsnail Soapworks, located on Water Street in Charlottetown, some Exotic Swirl Natural Soap. Listen to this doozy: "A touch of the Orient! A warm and romantic bar scented with a blissful blend of patchouli, sweet orange and ylang ylang pure essential oils. Each bar has unique swirls of spice for a fun funky effect." Yeow. All Moonsnail's soaps are made in PEI, delicious smelling and evocative. I also love Spearmint Swirl, Dad's Licorice, Chai Tea, and everything else, but this one just hits all the right notes.

Similarly, the Soap Drawer has small-batch, made-in-PEI soaps with scents that I can only describe as scrumptious. I love their spicier scents, with orange, clove, and cinnamon, but their soothing scents - oatmeal, goat's milk, et al - are equally lovely. Their wares can be purchased in Charlottetown at Emmett & Ellie's on University Avenue.

Here's some PEI soap I haven't tried, but would love to, hint hint! The Great Canadian Soap Co. is based in Brackley Beach, PEI, and its soaps look like delicious cupcakes/fudge/squares. I mean, they actually have a Cocoa & Oatmeal hand-milled soap - I would love to wash my hands with a spider cookie! Yum!

So go out and buy your moms, and other loved ones with personal hygiene, some soap - even if it does just scent their socks and t-shirts. At least they'll carry the sweet smell of Island businesses flourishing!

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