Wednesday, 12 December 2012

O Xmas Tree

My / our first tree! I am officially going to spend all of my time in here.

(Yes, it's real - balsam fir!)

Peter putting up our awesome tree topper - an exact replica of the topper I grew up with that my dad massacred accidentally smashed one year. It's even made in Poland! Last one at Winners. Success story of the season.

Most of the ornaments are antique mercury glass balls, some inherited and some lucky thrifted finds from work. Some are embroidered and beaded silk ornaments, made in India, bought at How Bazaar over the course of a few years. There are some pretty neat ones... this turquoise-and-gold one...

...and this sort of ironic Islamic crescent-moon-and-star...

,..and, possibly my favourite, this red bird (reminds me of another ornament I grew up with).

We have two-tone lights, which we might rectify... or we might just keep the wonky mix. Hard to say.

I'm just happy the tree is here. The presents will follow soon behind it!
Happy holidays! The Twenty-something Days of Xmas will return shortly!

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