Monday, 3 December 2012

Outfitted: Early winter Canadiana

When the weather starts to hover around the freezing mark, I start to give in to what most other Island ladies are all up in: skinny jeans, work socks, and ankle boots. I would love to get a pair of hand-knitted, made-in-PEI, Island wool work socks from Northern Watters Knitwear, but for now, I'll settle for any old pair. To up the Canadiana ante, I've added a pristine vintage cinnamon Danier suede drawstring jacket and vintage men's flannel. Cozy and very Canadian indeed.

+ thrifted vintage Danier suede jacket
+ thrifted vintage royal blue scarf
+ thrifted vintage flannel from work
+ thrifted vintage men's braided leather belt
+ Old Navy Rockstar jeans
+ Sears-house-brand work socks
+ Leather lace-up ankle boots, Corney's Shoe Store
+ Sky-blue floral earrings from Love Charlie

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