Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Twenty-something Days Of Xmas: Foodie Gifts

I was so tired yesterday that I forgot I was just starting a gift guide countdown, which I guess I said  I would do every day. Obviously that's a lot to ask. Every few days... but an item for each day! Yes, that's what will happen.

Two more gifts for two more days! Just like finding fashionable gifts (see my first post), it is super easy to find Island gifts for your foodie friends. You can pretty much throw a red sandstone rock and hit someone carrying a bag of organic spicy alfalfa sprouts, drinking a local craft beer, or talking about one of PEI's gazillion food-related events like PEI Burger Love or the International Shellfish Festival. (Honestly, what event ISN'T food-related on PEI, really?)

So if you want to get making some awesome Island food, here's some things you'll want to try! First up, a Paderno Cast Iron Deep Fry Pan with beautiful sunny yellow enamel. It's made on PEI, has a 25-year warranty, and is likely perfect for grilled cheese.


Next up, J.J. Stewart Chocolate Sauce with Ginger. The sauce is made with 'darkened chocolate' in small batches, each jar 'hand-poured, hand-labelled, and hand-polished.' The food and drink company - they also make kick-ass small-batch root beer -  is based in Little Sands, PEI, and their products are available at the PEI Co. Store, Terre Rouge, and hopefully at some more craft fairs before the season is over!

Under $10

Check back next time, whenever that is, for more PEI gift ideas! And be sure to check out Lot 65, which inspired my list, for even more fun Island gifts. Cheers!

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  1. How is it that I have never heard of or tried organic alfalfa sprouts?? They sound awesome!


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