Monday, 22 October 2012

What I Wore & What I Found at Work & Earrings of the Day

Another fall day, another sweater-and-skinny-jeans combo. But not just any jeans! Thrifted Cheap Monday (on Monday, huh huh) jeans from work for only six dollars. Plus, they (more or less) fit!
I am also sooo happy with my new vintage suede-and-leather purse - which I will go ahead and refer to as 'oxblood' even though I agree with Kristin that it's totally overused. At least it's less pretentious than 'Chianti'?

+ Vintage Chanel-inspired wool cardigan
+ Vintage brown scarf, inherited from Mom
+ Thrifted Cheap Monday skinny jeans (!)
+ Vintage Givenchy clip-ons

Vintage Givenchy clip-ons, holla

Only six dollars at work! Never thought I'd find a pair
somewhere other than online, let alone here in little old PEI.
Vintage oxblood (yeah, yeah, I know) suede & leather cross-body satchel

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