Sunday, 14 October 2012

A few Toronto finds

Just a handful of pictures of some of the neat things we picked up on our trip to the T-Dot:
Some cheery plastic floral clip-ons from the Village Des Valeurs in Quebec City, which kind of broke on our way home.

More earrings - and this isn't even all of them! The red-currant cluster clip-ons are from the Goodwill on Queen St W near our hotel in Toronto, and the other three pairs are from the Village Des Valeurs in Quebec City (that stop was a doozy).

A close-up of the vintage men's Burberry (!) sweater I picked up at Vintage Depot in Kensington Market in Toronto. So cozy! Merino wool, mmm. Might try to work this into an upcoming outfit-of-the-day picture...

Some hilarious vintage specs, thanks to pressure from Jennie, Spencer, and Peter, from the Value Village on Bloor in Toronto. 

More to come, including records, a vintage dress, a neat print & books!

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