Sunday, 14 October 2012

The 70 Mile Yard Sale: The Finds

Now that our purchases from our 70 Mile Yard Sale (70MYS?) excursion have settled in, it's harder to corral them to get some good pictures. Missing from this non-exhaustive list are two genuine non-ironic vintage nature promo tees, a vintage Molson Canadian baseball tee, some retro kitchen stuff, some antique books and so forth. Pics to come, maybe! But for now:
Mixed in to our growing record collection were some Beach Boys and some 60's compilation discs. (Not really pictured.)

A handmade-in-Alberton-PEI mixed-wood pen holder, for, yes, $1.00

An enormous cobalt-and-turquoise vintage enamel flower pin so big, it eats other enamel flower pins.

Some ultra fancy deco clip-ons from my new favourite yard sale spot, just outside Murray Harbour, PEI

Some more jewellery (of which there was sadly little), including some black faceted gem clip-ons and a rhinestone grape pin

A pristine, handmade vintage 60's turquoise dress. FOR TWO DOLLARS.

More deets of the above dress, so awesome.

An antique cigarette roller, "The V-Master," with papers (!) included:

Vogue Strips, "Hi-Dro" - can you even buy these anymore? Whew. The set and papers were only eight bucks!

A Pyrex gravy dish saucer, to go with my gravy dish! Only a buck.

Will post some more scores. Maybe I'll post a drawing of my map sometime too!

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