Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Three sleeps: What to do in TO?

On Friday evening, Peter and I are leaving PEI by car for Toronto for his cousin's upcoming wedding. It'll only be for a few days, but I'm really excited to be back in the city even for just a bit. Still have to try and figure out how to spend our limited time! A few ideas:
  •  Eat at Banjara Indian Cuisine - we have no Indian food here, so this is kind of our chance for the year.
  • Get brunch somewhere like Mitzi's Cafe or Mitzi's Sister
  • Eat more food we can't get here, like jerk chicken, or Ethiopian, or Vietnamese, etc.
  • Buy nice sneakers (since there is no selection in my size on PEI)
  • Go to a cool bar on College St
  • Kensington Market?
No touristy stuff, just cool eats and maybe some good shopping. Only three sleeps now!

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