Sunday, 24 April 2011

My new laptop bag!

Recently, my friend Krista brought her laptop over to do some work for the Jewellery for Japan sale we put together, and I was struck by her choice of laptop bag: a vintage suitcase! Coincidently, I had virtually the same suitcase in different colours, but had never thought of using it to transport my computer. I am incredibly finicky when it comes to bags (all through high school and university, I have slugged my textbooks around in stylish-but-not-very-sensible messenger bags and totes - not a sensible, durable schoolbag in sight), so seeing this was very inspiring. This is what my clunky PC will be dragged around in from here on:

Found during the 70 Mile Coastal Yard Sale a few years ago, with another larger one, for $4 total. Steal!

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