Thursday, 28 April 2011

Find: Sandals (on their way!)

Don't get me started on finding the right shoes.

Too late: UGH. I take size eleven, and PEI already has a pretty pathetic selection of shoes to begin with, so pickin's are slim. It's especially frustrating because I'm never asking too much, either. This is all I want: a flat, at least sort of comfortable, neutral sandal, with a back to it, preferably strappy but not totally necessary, for walking around NYC & Toronto on my road trip. Is that so much to ask? Well, it seemed like it.

Visited many stores, including Aldo, Winners, Le Chateau, and Payless, and some less promising possibilities, such as Sears, Mark's Work Wearhouse, and Rockport. Found very few styles, tried on even fewer. The only one that I couldn't get out of my head at the end of the day was this:

This is "Dauster" from Aldo. $35 (no PST, which I always forget about, so just under $37 with GST!), thick leather, understated, neutral, wearable. Problem? No size 11 in-store, had to order it... time to play the waiting game! Can't wait to see if it fits, or if I have to go back in for a different pair... We'll see!


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