Monday, 25 April 2011

Find: Maybelline Superstay Golden Shimmer Balm

A few years back, I bought a tiny golden tube of shimmer balm at Shoppers Drug Mart for about eight dollars. It is totally elusive on PEI now (believe me, I've looked) but it can be ordered online, hurray! My parents were nice enough to order me several tubes on eBay for my birthday in March, so I'm set up for a few years at least! The find:
Maybelline Superstay Golden Shimmer Balm.

It's true,  I trekked everywhere to find this when my tube ran out, but to no avail. Most cosmeticians had no idea what I was even asking for, let alone whether or not they had any in stock or coming in. Why am I so crazy for this stuff, you ask? It's not the shimmer part, it's the balm. It's supposed to be layered over lipstick, but I use it as a highlighter around my eyes and blended in with my bronzer. You get the perfect sexed-up, dewy look. Trust me, you'll go through a stick of it like I did in no time! 

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