Monday, 25 April 2011

Find: The Body Shop Sandalwood Perfume Oil

Drool. Swoon. Love! This perfume oil is my perfect scent. You know when you find something that feels like it's made for you - my major (anthropology), my coat (classic beige trench with faux-tortoiseshell buttons from Old Navy) - and this is one of those for me. It's discontinued in Canada, so I save it now for special occasions, but because it is concentrated and you need so little, it has lasted beautifully. Luckily, Peter and I are making a trip down to New York in May, so I will hopefully restock (and buy forty-five of them if possible). If you are lucky enough to catch this scent, you'll be hooked.


  1. Unfortunately, it has been discontinued totally in the UK too .. along with all their perfume oils! I am devastated !! Heartbroken .. !! Along with my best friend in the States too. :(

    It is for sale on ebay - but is being snapped up and the prices are just silly !! I have emailed the Bodyshop and added my complaint to what I hope is a growing list of others !!!

    *sigh* what ARE we going to do ?? lol!!

  2. Well, it turns out the fragrance is discontinued in the states, they just haven't updated their site! Wah waaaah.

    I wonder if they'll bring it back sometime? I hope they don't reformulate it, it's so perfect as it is. Devastated and heartbroken are perfect descriptors for me too, Susan! I guess us sandalwood-philes are going to have to stick together and fight for our beloved product!


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