Monday, 25 April 2011

Find: Beauty loot at Shoppers Drug Mart!

About a week ago, I spent about 38,000 Shoppers Optimum points at Shopper's Drug Mart, taking home an exciting haul of new beauty products. Some of my finds included:

Kings & Queens Caspar Myrrh Shimmering Body Milk (on clear-out!). Smells like spicy, sweet chai lattes, and has itty-bitty sparkles for a delicate shimmer. The scent is awesome, but can be overpowering if you load it on, so I mixed it with the Body Shop's Buriti Baby Body Butter (their best body butter, in my opinion) to make the scent more subtle.

Next is the Gosh Giant Sun Powder (on sale at the time for about $18). I am not a bronzer person, as I burn to a crisp if not careful and am otherwise happily fair-skinned, but this one caught my eye. It is sheer, and rather than depositing tons of pigment, what you get is a nuanced set of shades (pinky, bronzy, and light foundation tones). It reminds me of the light on your face from a sunset in the summer... on a date. That's an effect I'll try to mimic any day!

Also picked up Gosh's Nail Lacquer in Wild Lilac (regularly $6) - my favourite lilac/lavender polish yet (albeit I might only have one or two others around here somewhere). Creamy and opaque just like I like 'em.

Looking to make a few more splurges when I receive my RBC gift card for Shoppers. Thinking of picking up Annabelle's Smoothie Eyeshadow Pencil in Mokamirage (the perfect taupe).

Ah, cosmetics and toiletries, how I love thee.

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