Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Just added: Retro Floral Bedding

Added lots of fun new things to my Etsy shop today, including all of these awesome floral bedding pieces. Some psychedelic, some retro, all great.

I love these patterns so much I almost want to keep them and make them into a quilt... Except I have absolutely no experience or skills with quiltmaking and could probably use the cash. There are always more florals out there anyway!


  1. I love retro bedding! I am also proud to say that we literally have a sheet set in that second print at our cottage.

    1. Oh, nice! Another friend just said the same thing - must have been popular! I just love psychedelic 60's-70's florals - but can never find just the right kind in queen size for us!

  2. I simply love the draperies in your main bedroom and guest room! I might like to get some additional detail on the precise color and pleat possibility you chose. Thanks! Please visit Shop Online


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