Monday, 18 February 2013

Cleaning up the office

Well, Peter and I have had some unexpected bursts of productive energy lately, and one result has been that I've finally tackled the growing mess that had become of my "office" (the front non-master bedroom). I like my workspaces clean and if they are not, you can bet I am probably not doing much work. Here are some "after" pictures!

This is kind of my corner where I keep most of my Etsy supplies and products. I couldn't even see this wall before, and now it's so tidy and enjoyable. Aahh.

And my desk! The desk itself is lame - it's a piece from a Staples set, while I save up to buy a fancy mid-century teak table or something - but other features make it a little more Katharine.
100 year old antique chairs, check.
Greenery, check.
Lots of natural light, check.
Too many knick-knacks, check check check!
Colbert on the laptop, check!

This would probably look a little more put-together if the earring board were straight... Oh well. This is kind of my earring station - each of those little bowls, boxes and baskets have specific types of earrings in them. Then there's my magazine collection! There are several more shelves full. Oh, and my antique perfume bottle collection (mostly Chanel and Lanvin). What can I say, I'm a collector.

Yep, the room feels good. I've been adding so many things to Etsy since it's been clean. So motivating to have a workspace you want to actually hang out in!

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