Sunday, 23 September 2012

Name Change & Shop

So it has been a little while since I last posted. I love reading blogs, and I admire people who are able to commit themselves to writing theirs, and I always have lots to say... but somehow, a regular blog post is virtually impossible for me. I want to change that, though! For a few reasons:

1) I have a new endeavour that I'm excited to talk about: I started an Etsy shop named Milk & Amber, which has been super fun and enriching. It lets me live out that persistent dream of owning a vintage shop just a little bit. All my treasure hunting feels like it's being put to some good use. And now I have lots of pictures and finds to share!

2) Since graduating, I feel a little pent up writing-wise. I used to write thousands of words a week, now I skim Pinterest for stimulation - big change! Writing will be good for me, I like sorting out my thoughts, even if it's only me (and maybe my poor boyfriend) who will read it.

3) I work at a thrift store now! I'll be surrounded by neat old clothes and such all day, so there will surely be gems I'll need to show off!

Yep, I'm excited to try to get this going again. I'll be sharing lots of finds that will be available in my shop. And I'll try to keep the 'editorials' to a minimum.

Talk soon,



  1. That's great, Katharine! What thrift store do you work at?

    1. I work at the Garment District now! It's been really neat so far. :)


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