Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Grey + pink

I'm not sure I'll be doing this much, but I love seeing other people's outfit posts, so it might be fun to try at least. It might be more of a "here are some earrings I wore, and then the rest of it." Anyway, here goes!

Yesterday for work, I decided to do some cheery pink silk shorts. I loved these shorts all summer, paired with bright coral tank tops, or floaty mint lace-back tops, or grey tees. This is my first fall-outfit attempt with them, with black tights underneath... Not sure I loved the effect after the day was done, but worth a shot. Might do a floaty crop top untucked over them instead next time.

You know, maybe I will do more of these posts. It kind of lets me see what I like and don't like about my outfits - in this case, I need a better fitting bra under there, yeesh!

Earrings of the day! Vintage pink & white rhinestone sunburst earrings.

Grey long-sleeve tee - Old Navy
Vintage pink shorts
Black tights - Old Navy
Black bow belt - Ardene

Alright, I guess that wasn't so bad. Might do this again soon!

Talk soon,

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