Tuesday, 2 April 2013

New to Etsy: Freaking Awesome 80s Prom Dress from Smart Set

I have quite a backlog of items I've been meaning to put on Etsy, so I'm trying to get workin' at it - here's one item that I've managed to get on: a vintage Smart Set prom dress from the 80's, made in Canada, with a sweetheart neckline, ruched bodice, ruffled skirt, black with white polka dots, adjustable fit.

So. Awesome.

Go get it here, ladies.


  1. That dress is seriously great!

    Are you on fb? Because if so, you should join in on the East Coast Fashion Bloggers group! Just sayin..


  2. I am on Facebook, but the link won't work - it doesn't seem to come up in my searches either? It looks fun though, will keep trying!

    Oh, and the dress sold already! :)


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