Monday, 28 January 2013

Brain sludge

Yo, Internet! Long time, no thoughtful post. Thought I would drop by and say hi. Things are busy here at the Forbes-MacDonald residence, as always, and as a result I've been getting slack about the blog (and lots of other things but that's of no concern to you, Internet). I have lots of stuff to say, as always, so I'll probably be back again soon when my thoughts verge on volcanic.

 Anyhow, I've had a bunch of major sales on Etsy lately, which has been totally encouraging and exciting. I would love to go out scouting for new things sometime soon to expand my offerings. Tomorrow, there may even be some fun new-old stuff to look at! Wait for it!

Also, the above picture is pretty much what Charlottetown feels like right now. I'm pretty sure this is of my dad in Regina in the early or mid-80's. Not that I ought to compare Prairie and Maritime winters, because they are pretty different I hear. (We get a shitload of snow but do not tend to dip into the -50s, phew!) But it is damn cold and, I dare say, a little depressing out there. Nothing a little banana hot chocolate, some Etsy sales, Julie & Julia (the book), Girls, 30 Rock, 90210, and some nightly yoga can't fix!

Cool. Talk soon, Internet!


  1. The weather is majorly depressing, I agree. ALthough thankfully it's supposed to be warming up a little this week, so hopefully I can finally get some outdoor outfit shots going again!

  2. Good call - that should boost morale a little! :)


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