Friday, 3 May 2013

Good fortune: A thrift & gift haul

It has been a hard week for a few reasons I won't be blogging about, but this is a little high point of the week (gotta think positive). I found a few things of my own, which we'll look at first, but the real gems are the items my mom found for me (read on!).

First exhibit: vintage bathing suit that looks freaking awesome on, thrifted at Value Village.
How often do you find a bathing suit and think "OH MAN I LOOK SOOOO GOOD IN THIS"? Case closed.

Exhibit Two: Vintage white wicker nautical box bag. Yes. 

Exhibit Three: Roots leggings, in perfect condition, complete with marled grey (favourite) and worksock hems (other favourite)

Exhibit Four: Mid-century-style hand carved wooden candle holder, made in Nova Scotia

But here is the really good stuff.

Mom and Dad went to an auction the other night and my thoughtful mother found these (in a larger lot of stuff) for me. Three pairs of fancy antique 1930s round glasses, a 1960s-to-1980s pair of sunglasses, and a fffaaaabbbulous pair of 1950s Bausch & Lomb horn-rimmed glasses with mother of pearl inlay (which I am definitely getting refitted with lenses).  


My favourites!

So much fun stuff! Will share a few more finds soon!

1 comment:

  1. Okay, those glasses are amazing. And that vintage suit! Awesome!

    Hopefully this was the silver lining that you needed post rough week. Hope things are looking up!


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